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In the last  years a lot of  world-wide websites  started to operate under a 5 letter, one-word name. A 5 letter, one-word domain name - such as Honda, Epson, Yahoo, Fedex and Kraft - can easily become a big success. With the rise of the Web 2.0 we saw a huge boom in personal websites, blogs, social networking activity and online niche stores. These types of sites need brandable names which people remember.  It is also more and more common for internet based companies to use a 5 letter domain; sites like Joost and Skype  comes to mind. The most succesful companies on the internet have short domain names that are easy to remember.

A  4 letter domain name has the advantage that it could be used as acronym  -  names like could be an acronym for Whiskey and Beer   Company -  but  5 letter names are mostly too long to be used that way.  Therefore a five letter domain name needs to be pronounceable and in   order to stand out, it needs to sound good and be brandable.  As the   internet is only getting bigger and the number of good sounding 5 letter names are limited, the value of  5 letter  names - especially five letter one syllable domain names - is continually   increasing.  

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